2005 Builder Decision Analysis for Exterior Trim

Ciprus Limited Announces the Commissioning of the First Edition of the Builder Decision Analysis for Residential Trim Products

Spring 2005 – Ciprus Limited LLC an Essex, CT marketing research and consulting firm announced the commissioning of the First Edition of the Building Contractor Decision Analysis for Residential Trim Products. Faced with the ever greater options in primed wood and non-wood trim, builders must make the choice between various types of trim such as hard board, engineered wood, fiber cement, PVC, and primed wood trim. This research, now in progress, will analyze that decision process in-depth to provide insights into how that decision is arrived at, what sources of information are used by builders, the length they have continued to use specific types of trim and many other points of information.

Brand Choice - Decision Analysis After making the decision on a particular type of trim, builders must also make a decision on specific brands of trim. This research will also probe brand decision process in-depth as well.

The research will provide the following information:

  • Determine who is the ultimate decision maker and who are the influencers in the   making the choice for residential trim products.
  • Where do builders look for information in making their choices of residential trim?
  • What factors are important to builders in making the decision to use a particular type of trim?
  • What is the builder’s usage history with particular types of trim and brands of trim?
  • On what types of projects and with what cladding types are various types and brands of trim used?
  • Have trim types and brands been used continuously or has their usage been interrupted?
  • Are multi brands of trim used and if so what are those brands of trim?
  • How many lineal feel of trim are used by type of trim, brands of trim and by type of construction?
  • What role does geography play in the types of trim used or brands of trim used?
  • What are the perceived strengths of each type and brand of trim used?

The study methodology includes 420 in-depth telephone interviews by region, builder size and by brand. The report will present the results of the research in detailed matrix tables and graphical presentations and include in-depth analysis.

A copy of the completed study prospectus and pricing information may be ordered by direct request from the company (860)767-7685 or by e-mail at info@ciprus.com.