2006 Contract & Residential Upholstery Report

Ciprus Limited, LLC Announces The Completion of the 5th Edition of the North American Contract and Residential Upholstery Market Study
July 13, 2006 Ciprus Limited LLC, an Essex, Connecticut based marketing research and consulting firm announced the completion of the 5th Edition of its major study of the multi-billion dollar North American Contract, Residential and Outdoor Upholstery Fabric Market. The study, completed every 4 years, was previously completed in 1988, 1993, 1997 and 2001.
Conducted over the past 12 months, the project documents the changes that have occurred in the industry since the last study was published. The report includes over 731 pages of data, trends and a census of all upholstery fabric mills in the United States and Canada and over 236 leading contract, residential and outdoor furniture producers and leading outdoor furniture fabric producers.
The study details the current production and consumption of upholstery fabric by specific fiber content, construction and end users including contract and residential seating fabric, contract panel, drapery, bedspread, wallcovering and cubicle fabrics.
Fabric use in residential furniture is described by the major styles; country, contemporary transitional and traditional, in addition to the specific platforms including recliners, motion, occasional chairs, sofa sleepers, and stationary upholstery. Sofa price points are also explored.
The undertaking, the most comprehensive of its type, covers all fabrics including man-made fibers as well as natural fibers and quantifies markets and segments by lineal yards, dollars and pounds of fibers.
The research plan called for the completion of over 675 telephone interviews with mill presidents and plant managers as well as merchandising managers and fabric specialists with the leading mills and furniture manufacturers. In addition, perceptions and reactions to the proposed testing of residential upholstery fabric by the Consumer Product Safety Commission were evaluated in detail in addition to documenting trends in the adoption of fire code regulations. The top contract interior design firms & specifiers were also surveyed. Charter subscribers to the study consisted of a prestigious list of North America's leading upholstery mills, fiber producers and furniture producers.
A copy of the completed study prospectus and pricing information may be ordered by direct request from the company (860) 767-7685 or by e-mail at upholsteryinfo@ciprus.com.
Ciprus Limited, LLC is a full service market research and consulting firm specializing in assisting clients in the building, design and construction products and services area. Clients are typically Fortune 500 manufacturers based in North America, with about one-fifth of the firm's clients coming from overseas including Japan, Korea, Great Britain, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, France and Spain.