2007 Contractor Service Tool Commissioning

Ciprus Limited Announces the Commissioning of the First Edition of The North American Market for Professional Contractor Service Tools

Spring 2007 – Ciprus Limited LLC an Essex, CT marketing research and consulting firm, announced the commissioning of the first edition of The North American Market for Contractor Service Tools. The research will provides a thorough review of per capita purchases, incidence, brand preferences and sales channels utilized by residential and non-residential contractors, electricians, plumbing and HVAC contractors, industrial maintenance and communication and utility contractors.

Several important measures of hand and power tool purchasing activity will be provided in matrix format for the subscriber:

Contractor Service Tool Purchase Incidence (frequency) and Purchase Index (quantity) will be documented by contractor type, contractor size, region,  service tool, brand, and channel of sale. Current and historical data will be provided from 2005 to 2011. Reasons for switching channels will also be included.

 In addition, the research will document the overall market size by service tool by country as well as brand share.

 As planned, the study, will entail over 12 months of exhaustive research in the U. S., Canada and Mexico and will include 1,200 in-depth telephone interviews and hundreds of hours of additional conversations and meetings with contractor service tool manufacturers and industry participants across North America.

A 10 year history of professional hand and power tool accessories consumption is detailed by:

  • 7 Contractor Types
  • 3 Contractor Sizes
  • 14 Tool Categories
  • 4 U.S. Regions, Canada and Mexico
  • 12 Sales Channels

The report will be available in hard and soft copies in PDF format. A copy of the study prospectus and pricing information may be ordered by direct request from the company (860) 767-7685 or by e-mail at toolinfo@ciprus.com.

Ciprus Limited, LLC is a full service market research and consulting firm specializing in assisting clients in the building, design and construction products and services area. Clients are typically Fortune 500 manufacturers based in North America, with about one-fifth of the firm's clients coming from overseas including Japan, Korea, Great Britain, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, France and Spain.