2011 NA Pro Power Tool Accy Market


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Ciprus Limited, LLC Announces the Completion of the 2nd Edition of The North American Market for Professional Power Tool Accessories – Multi Sponsored Study

December 27, 2011 Essex, CT Ciprus Limited is pleased to announce the completion of the 2nd Edition of The North American Market Potential for Professional Power Tool Accessories. The study consists of 1,207 detailed telephone discussions with professional contractors across the United States, Canada and Mexico as well as hundreds of hours of additional research. It is presented in one bookmarked PDF volume containing over 1,717 pages in a detailed graphic and matrix format.

The 2011 Report provides a thorough review of 15 professional power tool accessories including circular saws blades, hole saws, jig saw blades, portable band saw blades, recip saw blades, bonded abrasives, diamond abrasives, carbide tipped hammer drills, router bits, step drills, ship augers, wood boring bits, twist drills, hex drives and knock outs. The study tracks the purchases in units and by brand and by 14 channels by 7 contractor types, 4 contractors sizes in the U.S and 3 sizes in Canada and Mexico as well as 4 U.S. regions.

Sales of the power 15 tool accessories were documented by the sales channel through which the contracting establishment purchased the accessories including catalogues, contractor/building supply, hardware retailers, HVAC supply, industrial supply (STAFDA), Internet/Etailers, lumberyards, mass merchants, plumbing supply, electrical supply, Home Depot, Lowes and farm & fleet.

In addition to 2011 data the study also captured 2008 purchase data, average accessory life, whether the contractor has switched channel and reason for switching. Key trends were also captured including the importance of Made in America, reasons for brand purchases and much more.

The report is  available in its entirety or by accessory product chapter. The research was sponsored by a prestigious list of professional power tool accessory manufacturers. Charter subscribers had the opportunity to design in some of their own information objectives and will also have input to the sample plan.

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