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Ciprus Limited, LLC Announces the Commissioning of the 5th Edition of The North American Market For Contract Flooring – Multi Sponsored Study

November 22, 2013 Essex, CT Ciprus Limited LLC is pleased to announce the 5th Edition of the North American Market for Contract Flooring. The original study published in 1991 was followed by the second edition in 1996, a third in 2000, and the fourth in 2006.

This report, the most comprehensive of its type, will present a comprehensive analysis of replacement and installation activity in existing buildings as well as new buildings by establishment type and by region.

The research will target 18 flooring surfaces; vinyl sheet, linoleum sheet, rubber sheet, vinyl tile, linoleum tile, solid vinyl tile, luxury tile, rubber tile, carpet, carpet tile, concrete unfinished and polished, stone, terrazzo, wood factory finish, wood site finish, laminate and ceramic.

The 18 flooring surfaces align with other research completed by Ciprus Limited specifically The North American Market for Commercial Flooring Maintenance.

With a history of 23 years, the 2014 edition will provide a comparison to previous editions including 1991, 1996, 2000 and 2006. This study will focus upon capturing market back information from a combination of personal interviews and a large telephone based survey. The study methodology is divided into two major phases is
outlined in the table below.

The study will focus on 29 specific application areas including rest rooms, food service counter, dining and back of house, corridors and hallways, public assembly, offices, guest rooms, healthcare patient rooms interventional, therapy, diagnostic and nursing stations as well as lobbies, recreation areas, retail showrooms and cash wrap, classrooms, auto services areas, warehouse areas, vehicle parking areas, dorm rooms, manufacturing areas and others.
When complete the research will be available in its entirety or by service tool chapter.

Charter subscribers will have the opportunity to design in some of their own information objectives and will also have input to the sample plan.

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