2014 NA CST 2nd Edition

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Ciprus Limited, LLC Announces the 2nd Edition of The North American Market For Professional Contractor Service Tools – Multi Sponsored Study
February 15, 2014 Ciprus Limited LLC is pleased to announce the 2nd Edition of the North American Market for Contractor Service Tools. The original study published
in 2009.
This report, the most comprehensive of its type, will present a comprehensive analysis of contractor service tool purchase activity in both the commercial and residential markets by 7 contractor types. Four contractor sizes will be studied in the U.S. and Canada including small, medium large and very large establishments.
The research will include 14 contractor service tools including screw drivers including common, hex and torx, tape measures, utility knives, pliers, hex wrenches, punches/ chisels/files, wire cutters & strippers, hammers & mallets, snips, hand hack saws, levels, squares as well laser levels.
Sales of the 14 contractor service tools will be captured by brand and by the sales channel through which the contracting establishment purchasea the tools including catalogues, contractor/building supply, hardware retailers, HVAC supply, industrial supply (STAFDA), Internet/Etailers, lumberyards, mass merchants, plumbing supply, electrical supply, Home Depot, Lowes and farm & fleet.
The North American Market for Contractor Service Tools is complementary to other professional contractor research conducted by the firm including hand the power tool accessories and professional power tools.
With a history of 9 years, the 2014 edition will provide a comparison to the previous 2009 edition and the 2011 and 2017 time periods. This study will focus upon capturing market back information from a large telephone based survey among professional
contractors. The methodology is divided into two phases, the first a market potential analysis and the 2nd a large telephone survey.
When complete the research will be available in its entirety or by service tool chapter.
Charter subscribers will have the opportunity to design in some of their own information objectives and will also have input to the sample plan.
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