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Ciprus Limited, LLC Announces the completion of the 4th Edition of The Builder Decision Analysis for Exterior Residential Trim – A Completed Study of the 2019 Unites States Market – Multi Sponsored Study

June 1, 2019 Essex, CT Ciprus Limited LLC is pleased to announce the completion of the 4th Edition of The Builder Decision Analysis of Exterior Residential Trim - A Multi- Sponsored Study of United States Market. The planned research represented 6 months of exhaustive research, including in 479 in-depth telephone interviews with small, medium large and mega builders across the United States. The planned report is published in PDF format consisting of approximately 956 pages of detailed graphical presentation of the findings, insights as well as supporting analysis in matrix format. 

Charter Subscribers had input into the research design including the specific questions as and sample plan.

The research provides a thorough review of the decision making process for all leading types and brands of man-made trim and primed branded wood trim installed in starter, move-up and luxury homes. Regional trim usage was documented in the Northeast, South, Midcentral and Western geographical areas.

The study presents detailed trim brand and type preferences of small, medium, large and very large builders by housing type - starter, move-up and luxury by builder size and region. Important questions include where builders look for information about man-made and wood trim, what is their usage history by type and brand of trim and with what types of cladding do they install each type of trim. Additional questions included whether multiple types and brands of trim are used on individual homes and whether brands have been used continuously. The geographic differences in usage were documented as well.

Additional questions included what factors are important to builders in selecting a brand of trim, where builders buy their trim and why they prefer this source. Specific questions included "Do builders purchase their trim as part of the siding package, roofing package or as an individual component" as well as "What would it take for a builder to switch brands of trim?"

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